Viraj Patel
HNP CFO - Pro Bono / CFO, Aspire Public Schools

Viraj Patel is a finance and operations executive who has served as a CFO of both public and start-up companies in Silicon Valley. Viraj came to the USA in 1979 as an immigrant and settled in New York for his first twenty years and then moved to Silicon Valley in 1999. He has had extensive work assignments in Europe and Asia and enjoys immersing himself into the local culture and tradition. Viraj graduated with a degree in Accounting from Pace University in New York City and is a Certified Public Accountant from New York. He started his career with PwC.

Viraj traces his humble roots to being brought up in Bombay, India and growing across a community of friends with no basic amenities for water and sanitation. His extended family lived and worked in what was known as East Africa during the British colonial rule in Africa.

Education is a big cause for Viraj and he has taken time off from his professional career to serve as a CFO at one of leading national charter schools (Aspire Public Schools) based out of Oakland, California. Viraj enjoys the outdoors and loves reading about economics and geopolitical matters. He is an avid follower of ice-hockey and would love to re-do his life to become a hockey player, though he cannot skate for his life so he stays contended by watching the sport on TV.