Tom Henrich
HNP Advisor / Founder, Win-Win and Beyond Consulting

Tom joined Procter & Gamble in 1973 to participate in the design, development and start-up a new Pampers manufacturing site in Belleville, Ontario.  Since this initial manufacturing assignment, Tom’s responsibilities shifted to R&D including Process and Technology Development, Product Design, and development of consumer insights to guide the overall Pampers Baby Care R&D effort.A prolific innovator, Tom led a number of technology and consumer product innovations during his career with Procter and Gamble that disrupted or transformed the market place or the consumer experience.


Tom has focused his energy in the last 10 years on improving the lives of the $1-2/day consumers in the developing world.  He is also passionate about finding ways to leverage the strengths of the private sector to make public sector initiatives more effective.  To these ends, Tom has been leading a range of Pampers projects in China, India, Nigeria and Kenya focused on improving the lives of moms and their babies, and learning how to improve neonatal and maternal mortality rates in self-sustaining ways.


Tom is the Founder of Win-Win and Beyond LLC, a consulting company dedicated to creating partnerships and collaboration with organizations to solve difficult and important issues through creative, out of the box win/win scenarios.