Stella Mwania
Sales & Community Engagement Manager

Age: 25 I am second born in my family, born and raised in Kibera slums. Given that I was interested in environmental and community development issues ever since I was in high school, I chose to enroll in college to pursue a diploma in social work and community development.

Before I joined Human Needs Project, I worked a lot in the community to empower my fellow youths and parents. It is through this work that I have been able to Interact with many slum dwellers and get a lot of training in leadership and community development. I am trained and equipped with skills of basic counseling, facilitation on reproductive health, family matters, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, drug abuse and community mobilization. Since 2010 I have been involved with Human Needs Project Kenya (A pilot project) as a volunteer which aims to provide clean water, energy and technology to slums around the world.

Presently I am a manager in training in Human Needs Project; I have been in training since 2012 September in order to manage the project as soon as it opens officially. My main areas of interest are bio-diesel management, green energy and of course clean environment management. One reason I am dedicated to this holistic project is because I have the passion of making Kibera the best place in the world. I have just returned from completing the Environmental Leadership Program at UC Berkeley, where myself and a fellow trainee were sent to get top-notch training on environmental and leadership skills that we will apply at the HNP town center in Kenya and beyond.