Pamoja broadcasts info on the Kibera Town Centre

HNP is collaborating with Pamoja radio station on marketing the Kibera Town Centre and the services provided to the community. With lots of local listeners, Pamoja radio station is the most popular station in Kibera and it broadcasts mostly in Swahili and Sheng’/slang languages.   HNP has a one hour show every week, talking about the Kibera Town Centre and the services that are provided. After we talk about our newest classes and offerings, we take questions from the listeners--similar to other radio talk shows. The station will also organize road shows at a minimal cost and organize tournaments, where prizes are given to listeners who participate in answering the questions about the KTC.

Our partnership with the radio station  benefits both parties--the KTC gets publicity and the radio station can publicize themselves on the HNP website and with HNP collaborators. We look forward to getting the word out about the KTC!