Meet HNP's Executive Director, Meri McCoy Thompson!

With 25 years of nonprofit management experience, I am delighted to join the Human Needs Project as the new Executive Director.   If you have followed this amazing venture, you know it is filled with many moving parts.  It will be my job to ensure all those parts keep moving in the right direction, and that we have the funds needed pursue the big vision.
From day one, I have been in awe of what Connie and David have accomplished, and the amazing team of collaborators they have assembled to do it.  Our collaborators are passionate, smart people with a vision to make a big difference in the world—and the desire and skills to make it happen.   Our pilot Town Center in Kibera is 90% complete.  Even more importantly, more than thirty Kiberan residents have been trained to maintain and manage the center. And more than one thousand have a stake in ensuring it is a success. The foundations are laid, the building is almost built— we are ready to serve Kibera!
I have met several of you and look forward to meeting many more.  It is your support that will enable us to continue to pursue this vision—both for Kibera and for many slum communities that would benefit from a Town Center.  Please contact me with your ideas and suggestions—with your collaboration, we will achieve success!
All the best!  - Meri