Honoring Ken Kao, HNP's Design Leader and Dear Friend

KTC Tribute to Ken Kao in Kibera

The HNP family would like to honor Kenneth Ken-Sin Martin Kao, our beloved team member and talented architect who brought such passion and drive to the design of our Kibera Town Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ken was extremely humble and incredibly dedicated to helping others. His innermost motivation in life came from creating environmental designs that benefited social justice causes. That is what inspired him to collaborate with HNP. He was an integral leader in our mission of designing a facility that balanced function, beauty, innovation and harmony with Kibera’s existing political and socioeconomic fabric.

He was truly a Robin Hood of moving cutting-edge technologies into environments like Kibera, in order to work towards lasting social change. His constant positive energy and compassion will continue to inspire our work moving forward. His impact was truly global, and he will continue to change lives and empower others to continue the cycle of positive change, through HNP and beyond.

We will miss Ken very much and we send all of our love to his family.

Below: Original hand-drawings by Ken for his vision of the HNP Kibera Town Centre.