HNP's Web Design Course Helps Kiberans Promote Their Businesses

For the past month, HNP has been holding web design classes, taught by teachers from Tunapanda Institute.  In between class sessions, which are twice a week for two hours, students can visit the Town Centre to use one hour daily free internet to practice what they've learned. 

This practice time was so important that one of the students, Stephany, asked, “Even when the classes are over, can I always come and practice in the computer lab in my free time?"   The students were pleased to learn that the Town Centre's Computer lab is open 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, so that all Kiberans can take advantage of this great resource. 


Classes are really starting to pay off. One of the eight students has already secured a job creating a website for a company. Another student, Simon Mosori, drives motorcycles and has designed a website for his business.  He is excited about the potential for him grow his business network.


Web Design Course students work on their projects


It is great to see that the students are empowered by these classes, seeing real, tangible results, and, most importantly, having a blast! We hope to continue developing this program and seeing sustainable career benefits. When classes ended on Tuesday, students were eager to continue.  Another student, Hassan, asked “Is there a  level 2 course? I would like to continue with the classes.”


By Jackline Oyugi, HNP Manager