HNP Managers Teach "Hour of Code"

HNP Gives Kiberans A Guide to Their Future in Global Coding Event

More than thirty students took a small step toward their future by participating in the global "Hour of Code" campaign last week, December 8-14.  The HNP-Kibera Town Centre Cyber Café opened its doors for free to the Kibera community for several sessions of this campaign. 

Several HNP managers diligently helped all the students—even three-year-old Wesley Odhiambo, who was experiencing his first day using a computer.  After Obunga Joseph, 23 and Alice Quincy, 14  finished first and got their Hour of Code certificates, they encouraged the other students to see what was on the other end of the Angry Birds maze. After incorporating repeat-loops, conditionals and basic algorithms, everyone managed to get to the Ice Age level, earning themselves a certificate.   

Fostering digital literacy is critical if Kiberans are to participate in 21st century opportunities.  When shooting the HNP crowdfunding campaign video to "Teach 100 Kibera Teachers to Teach 1000 Students how to Code", HNP talked with 30 students from the neighboring Olympic Primary School about their interaction with computers. Since this school with over 3500 students only has 20 old computers for its students, less than 20% of the students had had any opportunity to use computers in their school. 


With innovation and education at the heart of HNP, the Kibera Town Centre is changing the Kibera community's interaction with modern technology by giving them access to raspberry Pis, fiber-optic powered high-speed internet connection, 20 laptops, a 3D printer, classes on webdesign and now coding. 







After hours of coding, everyone went home happy after drinking water at the HNP water fountain.


By Margaret Koli, HNP Corporate Relations Manager