Jill Reber
HNP Board Member / Chairman & CEO, Primitive Logic
Jill has been a key member of Primitive Logic’s executive leadership team for the last 24 years, managing the operations, planning and delivery of our customer solutions. Her responsibilities also include general counsel representation, chief financial officer duties, overseeing client and delivery management, corporate governance, corporate and project finance, and human resources management.
Prior to her position at Primitive Logic, Jill owned her own legal practice specializing in technology law. Following a litigator’s path at Sedgwick, Detert, Moran and Arnold, and later at Jeffer Mangles & Butler, Jill went on to co-found Lieberman and Reber, which she ran for three years before joining Primitive Logic.
She received her Bachelor of Arts with honors in Criminal Justice and Political Science from University of Maryland, and a law degree from Georgetown University.