We build with innovation.

Built with the latest innovations, HNP’s clean-tech Town Center is providing high quality services with the least impact on the environment. This clean technology is also low-cost and low-tech for longterm durability.

A self-contained wastewater system.

Since slums have little-to-no access to municipal sewer systems, Human Needs Project has designed a revolutionary self-contained infrastructure facility with its own independent and clean tech source of water and power, with a recycle/re-use system for its wastewater.  The unique wastewater system uses old plastic bottles and sand filters to produce “greywater” that is virtually pathogen-free. It can be used for irrigation as well as to flush the toilets in the center.

A deeper well.

We know that in Kibera, all the wells go dry during drought years.  So we dug deep—really deep!  And we struck a beautiful, clean aquifer with water at more than 1000 feet.  Our well will provide a more consistent source of clean water for residents of Kibera for many years to come. 


The rooftop of the Town Center is covered with solar panels, which fuel the provision of its basic services.

Social Innovation.

Some of the most important innovation at the Town Center, however, is the social innovation found through its deep level of community engagement, capacity building, and commitment to sustainability.   Even its commitment to monitoring and evaluation is innovative, for local residents have been trained in the collection of data as well as steps to ensure high quality of data.  Moreover, all of the Management Technicians are trained to maintain and manage these innovations.