Our current collaborators have provided incredible resources to the Human Needs Project.  We believe that collaboration is essential to success.


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We focus on partnering with key leaders from academia, corporations, foundations, governments and other institutions. One of our prime assets is our staff, who both live and work in Kibera, and thus can provide valuable access and insight into the community.


Our center offers institutions—including governments, foundations, and other nonprofits—a platform for testing programs that provide solutions needed in slums:

  • Clean drinking water
  • Wastewater management
  • Garbage disposal
  • New clean technologies
  • Improved health interventions

The Town Center's built-in social network of members helps institutions create partnerships with the local workforce and residents and thus more effectively deploy their programs in the community.


HNP's Town Center provides a high tech, internet-capable facility for researchers looking at questions of development, poverty and the psychology of social degradation/marginalization.  Through field studies, professors and their graduate students can examine holistic services that leverage positive social transformation.  Rigorous research can help us create sustainable solutions that will help many marginalized communities. 


With unique access to people living in slums, HNP’s Town Center is proving to be a platform for emerging markets development for our corporate partners:  

  • Distribution of first-rate products
  • Job creation and career opportunities
  • A built-in social network for emerging markets strategy creation