Connie Nielsen
HNP Co-Founder & President / Actor
Connie Nielsen is a Danish actor committed to serving the environment and alleviating poverty around the world. She co-founded Human Needs Project in June 2010, providing clean water and empowerment services to residents of Kibera, a slum in Kenya after filming “Lost in Africa” there. She continues her work in film alongside her full time commitment to Human Needs Project and her scholarship program for children in slums, Road To Freedom Scholarships.
Dedicated to a holistic approach to the issues of sanitation and poverty, Connie believes that complex problems require complex solutions, and looking to the local stakeholders for partnership when searching for the best solutions.
She was the keynote speaker at major conferences including the Gates Foundation Sanitation Summit 2013 and Opportunity International 2012.
Her achievements in the arts range across leads in films such as the Academy Award winning Gladiator, the critically acclaimed Brothers, One Hour Photo, and Demon Lover, as well as in the television series Boss, and The Following. She is the recipient of the Best Actress Awards of San Sebastian Film Festival, the Bodil Awards, the Zulu Awards, and the Empire Awards. Connie was nominated for other Awards, including European Film Awards and Screen Actor Guild Awards.