Can you go the extra mile to support our work?

With passion and creativity, you can help support the work of Human Needs Project in all sorts of fun ways. 

  • Run, Walk, Swim or Ride event:  Ask for donations for HNP for participating in an established race.  Or create your own event where all the donations support the Human Needs Project.
  • Special Events: Birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or Wedding:  Instead of presents, ask for friends and family to donate.
  • Dinners:  Feed your friends while sharing your passion with them. Help them learn about and become supporters of HNP.
  • Memorial: Pay tribute to a loved one by raising funds in their honor.
  • Other creative fundraisers: Do something ridiculous or adventurous and ask for donations to Human Needs Project. 

Want to become an HNP Champion? We are here to help you succeed!  Email our team using the form on our contact page.