HNP Town Centre Celebrates One Month

The first month of the HNP Town Centre in Kibera has been spent trying to bring our operations up to the high standards that we have set for ourselves. After the Community Opening on July 24th, which had more than 600 attendees (including local and international partners, Town Centre managers, 3Cs, community elders and most importantly the Kibera community), community residents were excited to finally be able to access services.

HNP Celebrates its Community Opening!


Pamoja broadcasts info on the Kibera Town Centre

HNP is collaborating with Pamoja radio station on marketing the Kibera Town Centre and the services provided to the community. With lots of local listeners, Pamoja radio station is the most popular station in Kibera and it broadcasts mostly in Swahili and Sheng’/slang languages.   HNP has a one hour show every week, talking about the Kibera Town Centre and the services that are provided. After we talk about our newest classes and offerings, we take questions from the listeners--similar to other radio talk shows.

HNP Cleans Up Our Environmenet

On World Environmental Day,  we had a cleanup session in Kibera, about 200 metres from our Human Needs Project Kibera Town Centre. The cleanup included sweeping the roads, draining the ditches, garbage collection and dumping. It was good to participate as a team in making our environment better.  After the cleanup, we headed to Rowland camp for refreshments, lunch, and games.  We were honored with closing remarks from our partners Tunapanda group and Gamers group who were in charge of the garbage collection.

Basic Training for HNP Managers

On May 26, we underwent a First Aid Training facilitated by Melchizedek Hospital. This was conducted at our H.N.P offices. The training was to help us be in a position of saving people who might be injured at the Kibera Town Centre. The training was very helpful because once we open the centre, employees will be handling a lot of machinery which may expose them to getting injuried.  And even with the best of preventative strategies in place, we have to be prepared if the customers get injured.  All these skills were first level skills, to help people before they are rushed to the hospital.

Road to Freedom Scholarships: Help Us Educate Kids in Kibera

Road to Freedom Scholarship forms part of Human Needs Project’s Community investment. To truly become a part of the community we work in, HNP engages actively in education as a cornerstone of our mission to provide Basic Services to people living in slums. Help us become even better – please sign up to volunteer, and donate to help pay for school tuitions, RFS organizers, clothing, transport and school trips.

Please Help HNP Invest in Capacity Building

Capacity building is essential to any project success story – anywhere!

Many water projects have been built without providing solutions to the inherent and complicated problems regarding long-term sustainability – it is shortsighted simply introducing water and sanitation facilities without providing the means for repairs and maintenance, both financially and technically. 

Welcome to our Blog!

Finally!  We're excited to launch the HNP blog - a place where the very latest news, stories and conversations about our project will be posted.
At HNP we are all about community.  Sharing our stories, and those of the people who work with us and who are impacted by our projects worldwide, are at the heart of what we do and why we do it.