HNP will measure its impact on the community through a variety of the most rigorous monitoring and evaluation techniques.  HNP managers, with the support of UC Berkeley researchers, developed surveys to collect data on changes in health outcomes, socioeconomic growth, and improved community wellbeing.
The survey will be administered every four months for all HNP members as well as a control group determined at the time of the membership lottery.  These data will be augmented by the automated information collected on facility usage rates and water sales, geospatial information, and qualitative interview data to give a robust analysis of whether or not people are improving, by how much, who is improving the most, and why.
We also expect to be able to disaggregate HNP’s effects between the many services offered and answer some fundamental questions for improving HNP as it the organization moves forward.  The evaluation is utilizing every technique available to achieve the highest standards in data auditing and security, including by outside organizations.

Facility Data

Sensors running through our center will measure in real-time the amount of solar energy produced, gallons of water dispensed, rate of wastewater recycling and much more! Our Live Feed is coming soon.

Usage Data

By using top-edge technology to track things like member accounts, payments, and products purchased, we can see which services are utilized most, at what time, to streamline both our facility and procedures to support these usage trends.


Consumer Feedback

Surveys completed by outside parties to measure impact and suggestions from our customers will give another angle to analyzing our approach to best serve the communities where we work.

Making Sense of it All: Impact Evaluation

HNP will measure and monitor its impact on communities through a series of rigorous collection and evalution techniques.