Yoga Stretches Women at the Town Center!

More than 35 women and girls enjoyed a yoga class at the Town Centre today. Most of the women had never done yoga before, and it took them outside of their comfort zone. They get a lot of daily exercise walking and carrying jerry cans of water and other goods, but the yoga poses helped them stretch and discover new muscles.  They found it challenging yet relaxing.  


"When I came in to the Town Center, I could barely go up the steps due to joint aches,” Pamela Adhiambo admitted.  “But after I started the yoga class, I feel so much better."


"I felt all the joints loosening up, and I felt every pore opening up, “ Rose Apiyo added. “We should have the classes for 3 times a week!"


Organizer Eileen Flanagan, Girls on Fire director and HNP collaborator, had provided yoga classes for the girls before and knew what a difference it could make in building community.


These female-only classes help women understand that the Kiberan Town Center can be a safe, nurturing place for them—something especially valued in a violence-prone area like Kibera.  Yoga can also be wonderful source of empowerment, reminding these women that they have the strength and inner resources to achieve their goals.