Road to Freedom Scholarships: Help Us Educate Kids in Kibera

Road to Freedom Scholarship forms part of Human Needs Project’s Community investment. To truly become a part of the community we work in, HNP engages actively in education as a cornerstone of our mission to provide Basic Services to people living in slums. Help us become even better – please sign up to volunteer, and donate to help pay for school tuitions, RFS organizers, clothing, transport and school trips.

RFS has 15 children at boarding school in Nairobi – safe from neglect, hunger, and violence – and being educated at the highest standards, preparing them for a life of their own choosing. Two more are at day school/nursery care in Nairobi, and one of our students is at Dominican University (a full-scholarship donation courtesy of Dominican University).


In The News: Yema Khalif was awarded his fourth President’s Award for Academic Excellence this September at Dominican University. In September, Yema was also chosen for a rare honor: As the first foreign student at Dominican to do so, Yema has been chosen as a Dominican University Ambassador.

RFS has been educating children from vulnerable families and orphans in Kibera since 2010. We are proud of the progress of our 16 girls and 2 young men. Our family includes children from families that are struggling with the effects of deep poverty, HIV/AIDS, and families with problems connected to Chang’a, a very potent homebrew here in Kibera, and sometimes all of the above.