Reading Day Inspires Children

We started Reading Day at Human Needs Project for the children of Kibera. Our January day was initiated by students from Harvard, and our February day was sponsored by La Marzocco.  Reading Day has become so popular we added more sessions!  The children hunger for more learning opportunities, especially when some of their schools have more than 120 children per classroom.  They are thrilled to be able to read colorful, appropriate books. Often the Kibera Town Center staff share traditional songs and stories with them too

.Children with Vanessa

We started with a small collection of books, but then volunteers at Pleasanton Public Library’s book sale in California combed through donations to find great non-fiction and fiction books that would appeal to children in Africa. The children were thrilled when we brought the new books. Even some of the adult staff were seen to sneak some of the African-American books home for a quick perusal. There is nothing like a good book to open up the world!  Please contact us if you are have appropriate books to donate and don’t mind shipping to California so we can hand carry to Kenya. The children would be so grateful!