Please Help HNP Invest in Capacity Building

Capacity building is essential to any project success story – anywhere!

Many water projects have been built without providing solutions to the inherent and complicated problems regarding long-term sustainability – it is shortsighted simply introducing water and sanitation facilities without providing the means for repairs and maintenance, both financially and technically. 

In 2012-2013 HNP invested more than 400,000 US dollars in Community Capacity investment:

  •  Educated 30 Management trainees in HNPs Cross-disciplinary curriculum (see below)
  • Set up local leadership and organizational support systems in Nairobi/Kibera
  • Sent three Nairobi/Kibera based HNP leadership members to participate in the Environmental Leadership Program at UC Berkeley

Human Needs Project invests substantially in capacity building.HNP invests in capacity building in the community on several fronts:

Through Road to Freedom Scholarship, 18 vulnerable children and youths are being educated, nurtured and cared for, in Nairobi and the USA, ranging from nursery school to University.

Management Trainees Education (Sept 2012-Sept 2013)

Our Management Trainees (28 gender/tribally equitably distributed) are now proficient in economics; business management; Accounting; electrical, plumbing & pump mechanics; conflict management, Coop creation and management, IT and the HNP Integrated Basic Services concept

Community coop member/community committee Capacity building

Economics, coop management, collaborative values

Children of Vulnerable families/orphans

15 children are in boarding school in Nairobi where they are safely cared for, fed a nutritionally sound diet and educated at a high standard. 2 children are at day school and in day care in Nairobi, and 1 youth is in his 3rd year at Dominican University (a full scholarship was offered by Dominican University)

Local Leadership – Nairobi based project leadership

Our Nairobi-based project leadership is integrated with HNPs USA operations. HNP is furthering capacity building with ELP/UC Berkeley leadership courses. HNP is starting further capacity building of our Management Trainees in collaboration with the Climate Innovation Center at Strathmore Business School, Nairobi.