Meri visits HNP Kenya's trainees in Kibera slum, Kenya

I was surrounded by a ring of determined faces. Some of the management trainees of the Human Needs Project were giving me a tour of their home—the slum of Kibera, in Nairobi, Kenya—and I asked them how HNP’s center would help their community.

Rather than telling me about the current slum conditions for water and sanitation, they wanted to show me. We hiked through the trash and excrement on the ground, over streams of sludge, and they pointed to dirty, unreliable water outlets and toilets or showers we saw along the way. Along the way, they talked about their hopes and dreams for the Human Needs Project—how it will transform their lives and the lives their family and neighbors in Kibera. With access to:

  • Clean, safe toilets and showers - everyone will have better health and more dignity.

  • Laundry facilities - women will have more time for income activities.

  • Clean water - children will have a better chance of growing up healthy and strong.

  • Microcredit and skills training - people can start and expand businesses.

  • Health education - people will learn ways to improve their family’s health.

  • Computer access - people can learn about and be part of the wider community.

In a few short months, the Town Center will be open and these dreams will start to be realized. 

These management trainees have trained for a year so that they can run the Town Center to the best of its capacity.

Won’t you help them achieve their dreams?  -- Meri McCoy-Thompson, HNP Executive Director

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