Jamy School Children Get Free Use of HNP toilets

To help its neighbors and teach children about proper sanitation, HNP donated two toilets for exclusive free use by the children at Jamy Quality Education Centre, right next door to the Town Centre.  John Milla, Chariman of the Kibera Multipurpose Cooperative and a familiar face to most of the children and within the community, commissoned the opening of these two toilets on October 1. Following the cutting of the ribbon, Chairman Milla gave a great speech promoting HNP’s role in advocating for cleanliness and good hygiene practices.


Community buy-in is integral to the success of the Town Centre and the longevity of its services. The ceremony not only celebrated the opening of the toilets, but also emphasized the importance of keeping them clean.  The teachers are charged with providing tissue and soap at all times, for example. Likewise, it was a treat to see that the kids were thrilled with the facilities, eager to try the toilets and the sinks, and singing songs to join in on the celebration.