First HNP water goes to Olympic Primary School in Kibera!

Congratulations, Ken Okoth and Head Teacher Namulundu - We have water at Olympic School!
Currently students who do not have piped water at school have to fill up from a truck-filled tank, which is not always filled consistently and costs a lot to use.  The toilets also do not properly flush if the tank that services them has not been filled recently, which leads to very unsanitary conditions for the schools' lavatories.
By bringing HNP water to Olympic school, HNP's Town Centre is giving back to its neighbors and promoting healthy conditions for the children in our community.

The combination of the Olympic Primary parents and HNP made the water gush from HNP's Kibera center into the tanks at Olympic Primary School today.

We filled the first tank to the top at 4:53 PM on Wednesday.  Here's a picture:
We have planned the next step: cleaning all toilets and sewage feeder lines from Olympic School to the main sewer line.  By tomorrow, Head Teacher Mrs. Naulundu should be able to start cleaning the feeder lines to the sewer.
Many Olympic Primary graduates came to help with getting the first HNP water to Olympic School.  HNP's own Byrones Khainga who graduated 17 years ago was there to help today and he is pictured alongside Isaiah Wasonga (far left in photo) and Dennis Nyamu (in grey) and another helper with the first full tank on the roof of the school.
Many volunteers assisted in the trenching and running of pipes from HNP through Olympic's yard to the school facilities - see some photos below!
We look forward to continuing our test of the water systems in preparation for our upcoming opening!