Hital Muraj
HNP Kenya Board Member / Manager, Corporate Affairs, Cisco Systems

Hital Muraj has earned recognition as an expert in driving public private partnerships and working with the youth in the underserved areas. Her particular area of focus is ICT for Development.

In her role as a Manager at Cisco East Africa, Hital Muraj is responsible for Cisco’s Education Initiative and Corporate Social Responsibility and Development across the East African. Hital is also responsible for Cisco’s CGI commitment in Africa where she has developed a very successful model with non-profit organizations to create rural community centres to provide access to information.

She successfully launched the first Cisco Networking Academy for the deaf in the world, which has enabled a traditionally forgotten group of people, including many women, to get access to ICT Education that will empower them for the future. She has also pioneered a TeleHealth project, which connects East Africa’s top Pediatric Hospital to rural clinics to diagnose and treat young children – a first in Africa. 

Hital Muraj is not only a leader at Cisco who is committed to working with girls, women, youth in underserved communities to address the digital divide, she also creates opportunities to develop them as equal partners in the process. Her passion is around implementing ICTs in emerging economies to eradicate poverty, as well as educate and empower girls, women and youth to show them what is possible. She has worked with several communities and is currently running a youth mentorship program in Kibera. She is also mentoring young girls in high schools on various issues such as sexual harassment, early pregnancies etc.

Hital is a recognized industry leader and has been invited as a speaker at many UN and Government conferences in Africa on engaging the youth in technology and eradicating poverty using technology. Her hard work and dedication has earned her several awards such as Global Ambassador for Youth from Usher’s New Look Foundation, Inclusion and Diversity Ambassador for Middle East and Africa for Cisco, Catalyst Award from Cisco, Champion Award from Cisco among many others. She has also received many awards from Microsoft. She has been nominated as Kenya’s Top 40 Most Powerful Women Under 40 for 2 consecutive years. She has also been selected by the Acumen Foundation, as an East African Fellow for 2013.  Hital is a board member of the Asante Africa Foundation and Samburu Girls Foundation as well as Human Needs Project.