Reading Day Inspires Children

We started Reading Day at Human Needs Project for the children of Kibera. Our January day was initiated by students from Harvard, and our February day was sponsored by La Marzocco.  Reading Day has become so popular we added more sessions!  The children hunger for more learning opportunities, especially when some of their schools have more than 120 children per classroom.  They are thrilled to be able to read colorful, appropriate books. Often the Kibera Town Center staff share traditional songs and stories with them too

College Students boost Kibera Town Centre in WinterSession

The Kibera Town Centre is excited to welcome a delegation of students from Harvard and the University of Colorado for three weeks. They are working on projects including facilitating a design thinking class and software classes, creating short films, boosting our savings and credit cooperative, creating a biodiesel program, creating an after school tutoring program, and starting our health kiosk. Students with a lot of energy and good guidance can make a big difference in Kibera!