Innovative water filtration cleans up water for Kibera and California

Water is not only the essence of life, but it is also the essence of Kibera Town Centre. It flows through all of our basic services: clean water, toilets, and laundry. We are so excited to have our own source of clean water and even more excited about our creative recycle/re-use system that was developed just for Kibera Town Centre’s wastewater. We are proud to pilot this system because we think it can be useful in so many areas around the world. 

Reading Day Inspires Children

We started Reading Day at Human Needs Project for the children of Kibera. Our January day was initiated by students from Harvard, and our February day was sponsored by La Marzocco.  Reading Day has become so popular we added more sessions!  The children hunger for more learning opportunities, especially when some of their schools have more than 120 children per classroom.  They are thrilled to be able to read colorful, appropriate books. Often the Kibera Town Center staff share traditional songs and stories with them too