Community meeting in Kibera

Our  Approach

Human Needs Project (HNP) is a collaborative effort between academic, industry and local leaders to address the lack of basic services common in slums.

With water at its core, and clean technology as its engine, HNP aims to provide basic services where none exist, while educating and training the local population, and in turn creating useful job skills.

HNP first engages with community leadership at all levels—formal and informal—to ensure that our services are desired and our approach valued. We also do a needs assessment to determine what type of services are needed, where they could viably be sited, and what type of management and training is needed to ensure the services become financially self-sustaining.Water collection in Kibera

We then build facilities that provide municipal services such as green energy, clean drinking water, showers, toilets and wastewater management, coupled with social and financial empowerment services to provide an infrastructure of opportunity.  Recognizing the great untapped human potential in the slums, we aim to empower residents, through greater access to basic resources, in the attainment of their dreams.

Our facilities are designed to be replicated throughout the world, adapting to each circumstance through a strong partnership with the local communities we serve.